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 Own Boat Tuition and Assisted Delivery

Terms & Conditions


Terms for Own Boat Tuition and Assisted Delivery, These booking conditions are in addition to Salty Sailing’s Standard Terms and Conditions.


  1.  Salty Sailing Ltd provides tuition abroad the customer’s boat on the understanding that the customer remains fully responsible for the safety and operation of the boat at all times.  The instructor is there purely in an advisory capacity and will not be held liable for any damage or injury resulting from the operation on the vessel.

  2. The customer must ensure the boat is seaworthy and has suitable safety equipment for the planned exercises.

  3. If on arrival at the vessel the instructor considers the vessel unsafe to operate or she is at liberty to refuse to undertake the course.  In this case no refunds will be issued and the customer remains liable to pay all unpaid costs and travel expenses where relevant.

  4. The customer must ensure that a policy of insurance for the boat is in force covering legal liability for damage or injury to third parties.  The sum insured bust be atleast £1,000,000.

  5. The customer undertakes to provide the instructor with meals (and accommodation if appropriate) aboard the vessel to suit the course or tuition timing. 

  6. Any travel outside of Cowes that the instructor is required to make, will be charged as a travel expense. If the travel is greater than 1 hour, the travel would be charged on a pro-rata basis.

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