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Own Boat Tuition

Learning on your own vessel allows for a more personalized and customized experience tailored to your specific needs and challenges. This familiarity with your boat can enhance your confidence, comfort, and proficiency in handling your vessel in real-world conditions. Additionally, training on your own boat provides practical insights into how to effectively navigate and operate your specific vessel, optimizing your learning experience and ensuring that you're fully prepared to handle any situation on the water. Overall, Own Boat Tuition offers a more tailored, hands-on, and effective learning approach compared to training on a standardized training yacht.

Course Information

Elpie B - March '23

"The team at Salty Sailing are amazing. Very expThe team at Salty Sailing are amazing. Very experienced, knowledgeable, and focused on creating an environment where you can learn, practice, and have fun! I have no hesitation recommending them, whether you want to experience a day sail around the Solent or gain sailing qualifications!"
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£295 per day

Save 10% on multi day bookings

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Salty HQ, Cowes, Medina Road, PO31 7HT

+44 (0) 1983 282867

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