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Precisions Engine Overhaul

Every 7 years it is a requirement to replace the diaphragm sealing the sail drive in to the boat. The process of replacing this required the removal of the sail drive all together, to access the sail drive the engine must be moved out of the way. So, when replacing the sail drive diaphragm we took the oportunity to give our Volvo Penta D2-40 engine a serious bit of TLC.

With thanks to Rob at Island Wide Marine the engine has been serviced, cleaned and even painted. Some parts were replaced to ensure the continued good working health of our trusty work horse, this will also result in more reliability and economy and hopefully keep us going strong for the next 7 years. The amount spent and the time dedicated to the engine demonstrates our commitment to keeping Precision as possibly the best kept charter and school boat in the Solent.

See below for the full list of works carried out.

Remove steps from engine compartment.

Drain oil from sail drive.

Disconnect and remove anode, prop,end cap and prop shaft from sail drive.

Drain coolant from engine.

Disconnect and remove water pipes, fuel pipes, control cables and electrics from engine.

Disconnect and remove engine from boat.

Disconnect and remove sail drive from boat.

Clean out bilge.

Strip down sail drive and clean up parts.

Deliver upper part of sail drive to Seatek to replace mount and pick up sail drive upper.

Fit new diaphragm to sail drive and reassemble.

Remove flexible coupling from flywheel and fit new flexible coupling.

Disconnect and remove alternator from engine.

Disconnect and remove tube stack from heat exchanger, clean out tube stack and refit into heat exchanger

and connect up.

Refit alternator and tension belt.

Wash down engine and clean up.

Touch up paint work on engine.

Carry out service to engine.

Disconnect,remove and check exhaust elbow.

Paint new exhaust elbow and fit onto engine.

Refit sail drive back into boat and bolt down.

Refit prop shaft,end cap, prop and sail drive anode.

Fill sail drive with oil.

Refit engine back into boat and connect up sail drive.

Reconnect water hoses, fuel hoses, control cables and electrics.

Fill engine with coolant.

Run and check engine.

Check engine and sail drive when boat is launched.

Run engine afloat.

Refit steps.

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